5 Ways to Keep Your Home Dry with Pets Around

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Dry with Pets Around

Pets bring joy, companionship, and a fair bit of mess into our lives. Active pets, in particular, can turn a clean home into a wet and muddy zone in no time. However, maintaining a dry, safe home with pets isn't as daunting as it seems. With the right strategies, you can enjoy the perks of pet ownership without the slippery floors and soggy socks. Here are five creative ways to keep your home dry and safe, featuring some internal solutions from Puddles B Gone.

1. Invest in High-Quality Pet Mats and Rugs

Start by placing absorbent mats and rugs at all entry points and under water bowls. These mats are designed to trap moisture and mud, significantly reducing the amount of water and dirt your pet can track inside. For pet owners looking to upgrade, the Puddles B Gone Gravity Waterer minimizes spills, making it an excellent addition to any pet-friendly home.

2. Regular Grooming and Paw Cleaning

Regular grooming can drastically reduce the amount of water your pets bring indoors. Trimming the fur between their paw pads helps minimize the mud they can carry. Additionally, consider setting up a small cleaning station by your door with towels and paw cleaners. This way, you can quickly wipe down your pet’s paws and underbelly after outdoor adventures, keeping your home clean and dry.

3. Use Waterproof Pet Blankets and Furniture Covers

Waterproof pet blankets and furniture covers are lifesavers for pet owners. They not only protect your furniture from wet and muddy pets but also from spills and accidents that can happen with active pets around. Easily washable, these covers ensure that your living space remains hygienic and odor-free. Check out the Puddles B Gone Dog Clothing section for protective gear that can reduce the mess pets make indoors.

4. Upgrade to an Automatic Pet Waterer

Automatic pet waterers are an excellent way to provide your pets with fresh water without the constant spills and overflows. The Puddles B Gone Gravity Waterer, for instance, offers a controlled water supply, reducing the chances of spills and maintaining a dry floor around the clock. Plus, it ensures your pets stay hydrated with minimal effort on your part.

5. Create a Designated Drying Area

Designate a drying area where your pet can shake off and dry before roaming freely inside. This can be as simple as a corner in your mudroom or near the entryway, equipped with super-absorbent towels and a pet hair dryer. Encourage your pet to wait in this area until they're dry, or use this spot for a quick clean-up session after outdoor playtimes. Incorporating a drying routine can significantly reduce the amount of water and mud spread throughout your home.

Incorporating these practices into your daily routine can make a huge difference in keeping your home dry and safe. From using the right products like the Puddles B Gone Gravity Waterer to adopting simple cleaning habits, every step counts towards creating a comfortable, safe environment for you and your furry friends. Explore more pet care solutions on our Shop page and transform your home into a dry, cozy haven, no matter the weather or how active your pets are.

Remember, maintaining a dry home with pets is all about prevention, preparation, and the right tools. By following these steps and utilizing effective products from Puddles B Gone, you're not just keeping your home dry; you're also ensuring a safe, enjoyable living space for your beloved pets and family.