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At Puddles B Gone, we're passionate about providing pet owners with innovative solutions to common problems. Our journey began just 2 years ago when Tim, the founder, grew tired of constantly cleaning up water spills left behind by his four beloved dogs. Frustrated by the mess, he set out to create a solution that would keep floors dry and pets happy. Inspired by his own experiences, Tim invented a gravity waterer that eliminates the mess pets leave behind after drinking. With its ingenious design and patented technology, our products have quickly become a favorite among pet owners everywhere.

  • No more water spills
  • Diverse solutions
  • Quality products
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Puddles B Gone

At Puddles B Gone, our mission is simple: to make pet owners' homes safer and drier by eliminating the hassle of wet floors and puddles caused by traditional water bowls. We believe that every pet deserves a clean and comfortable environment, and we're dedicated to providing products that help make that possible.

We envision a world where pet owners never have to worry about messy spills or wet floors again. Our goal is to be the go-to destination for pet waterers, feeders, and adjustable stands that grow with your pet. By offering innovative solutions that prioritize convenience and functionality, we aim to simplify the lives of pet owners everywhere.

At Puddles B Gone, we're committed to selling durable and well-made products that enhance the lives of pets and their owners. Our core values of honesty, integrity, accountability, and excellent customer service guide everything we do. We believe in treating our customers with respect and transparency, and we're dedicated to providing a positive shopping experience from start to finish. When you choose Puddles B Gone, you can trust that you're getting the best for your beloved pet.

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